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Roger Rayner

Hello, my name is Roger Rayner and I am happy to welcome you to my site. Please scroll through it to find out how I might assist you in your music and arts specialities. My experience in translation is backed up by a Master’s degree from Trinity College, Cambridge, study at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and years of reading and experience of travel. I am an Associate Member of the ITI (Institute of Translators and Interpreters) and a member of UNIVERSITAS Austria.

For your musical projects, I can bring specialist knowledge and experience to translating CD liner notes (e.g. the organ works of Marcel Dupré) and prefaces to scholarly editions.

My years of study and travel will assist you when you require thorough knowledge of art and architecture in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The works of Brueghel, Van Eyck, Rembrandt and Dürer are among my especial interests in the art world. Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, and particularly the Bavarian Rococo Church, are my architectural specialities.

Where your subject concerns, say, a museum in Graz or the restoration of a monument in Saint-Denis (Paris), I can guarantee accurate and promptly delivered texts faithful to the register and tone of the original German or French.

If you require work on MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing), I can offer you my experience of editing many such files, particularly in the automotive industry.

In my forty years of teaching and travelling I have always been willing to give something extra, to perform an additional service if I can. I can help you with culturally adapted material especially in classical music, art, architecture and travel.

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-Margarita Gress, Alchemy Translations

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